6 June 2012, Day 1

Session 1. Industrial oils and lubricants market. Fight for consumer

Industrial oils market overview
A brief overview of industial oils market situation. Quantities of production, consumption, export, import and price
Alexander Bylkin, Analyst, Petromarket Investment Group
Contemporary trends in production of industrial oils
Oleg Tsvetkov, Head of base and merchant oils department, VNIINP
Presentation of Shell Neft

Session 2. New technologies gain markets

New sets of additives for production of water emulsionous lubricants and cooling liquids
Klaus Wuscher, Senior Technical Manager Asia/Pacific and Russia/ Lubricant Division, Rhein Chemie Rheinau GmbH
Technical requirements to lubricants for steelmaking equipment and recommendations for implementstion of new lubricants
Iosif Lubinin, Deputy R&D Director, UkrNIINP Masma
Results of tribologic tests of high dispersive non-organic powders in plastic lubricants
Alexander Nesterov, Head of plastic lubricants department, ELINP
Reduction of cost for lubricants in conditions of high load to equipment by use of FORSAN ceramization technology
Alexander Sokolov, Director of industrial projects, Nanoprom
Friction machine and express method for incoming control of anti-wear and energy saving properties of lubricants
Pavel Chkhetiani, Scientist, Institute of Machine Science named after A.A. Blagonravov

Session 3. Technological characteristics of modern industrial oils and lubricants

New sets of additives for production of water emulsionous lubricants and cooling liquids
Foedor Sbrodov, Area Sales Manager, Lanxess
Usage of conservation technological materials in automotive industry
Natalya Koltsova, Team Lead, Chemical materials, AutoVAZ
Reconstruction of system for motor-stand tests of oils in Russian Federation
Alexey Chudinovskih, CEO, Nami-Chem
New lubricants and cooling liquids for rolling of aluminum wire
Boris Tonkonogov, Dean of chemical technology and environment, Head of lubricant materials department, Russian State University for Oil and Gas named after Gubkin
Technologies of wear resistance test and thermal resistance test for lubricant compositions
Edward Melnikov, Professor, Laboratory of nano-composite materials, Moscow State Technical University named after Bauman
Innovative materials in casting and machine-building industries
Maxim Evstigneev, Deputy Business Development Director, Polymet

7 June 2012. Day 2

Session 4. Experience of introduction and use of new lubricants

Picularities of performance of circulating oils in lubricating systems of rolling mills
Alexey Kutsev, Manager, Equipment Producers, TNK Lubricants
Experience of usage Statoil lubricating and cooling liquids
Andrey Vakhrudinov, Statoil Energy and Retail Russia
Experience of usage Agrinol lubricants
Vladimir Spodarik, Senior Technologist, Agrinol
System of control and usage of lubricants at MMK iron and steel works
Vyacheslav Odnoral, Senior Engineer, Technical Maintenance and Repair of Hydrolubricating Equipment
Solution for operational problems with hydraulic oils and technological liquids in the equipment of Zavolzhsk Motor Plant
Tatyana Somova, Engineer, Remservice
Quality assurance criteria for lubricants used in cold rolling of aluminum foil
Irina Protasenko, Technology Manager, RUSAL Foil

Panel discussion

Session 5. Improving lubricants' efficiency

Cooled ionized air usage to reduce adhesion reciprocity
Valery Yesov, Director, Center for Modernization of Machine Manufacturing at Moscow State Technical University named after Bauman
Impact of clogging of oils and cooling liquids to the tube manufacturing process and its surface quality
Natalya Manohina, Head of Chemical Department, Fillit Moscow Tube Plant
Advantages of naphthenic base oils in production of lubricants and cooling liquids
Sergey Abramov, Area Sales Director, NINAS

Session 6. Maintenance and repair of equipment

Choosing optimal strategy for running equipment. Contemporary methods for industrial assets management. System of efficiency control in running equipment.
Alexander Burgardt, Vice President, Galaktika Center
No repair operation of units and devices is a reality. Problems, solutions, perspectives.
Pavel Tuetuenov, Moscow Representative, Dedal Co.
Modern equipment for quality control of oils' key features.
Mikhail Kiriuhin, Equipment Expert, SokTrade Company
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